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About Tiesy

I'm Metka Tratnik and I have designed this gorgeous fashion item which is taking the women's business world by storm.
The Tiesy was born from a joking conversation among friends, when we combined the two Slovene words kravata (necktie) and metuljček (bow tie) into one – kravuljček. For some time, that was all it was, a funny word which reminded us of that evening. With time, however, it evolved into an idea which could actually take on a meaning.
I was getting ready for a meeting and considered what I should wear. I strived for a professional look, but at the same time I wanted to stand out and leave an impression. Studies show that the first impression always revolves around someone's physical appearance and it only takes a couple of seconds for a person to form an opinion about someone. In that moment, I came up with the idea of a women's tie that would not look like a regular tie, but only slightly resemble one, and serve as much more than just a fashion accessory. This is how the kravuljček – a fusion of a necktie and bow tie – came to be, and is now internationally known as the Tiesy.
I wear the Tiesy almost every day. Combining diverse patterns and colours brings me joy, and I wear the Tiesy with my shirts and turtlenecks, as well as with jeans or skirts. Many styles appeal to me and I often put together "impossible" things, as they can contribute to a unique and creative look – something I strive for, as I love to stand out from the crowd. This is the only way I really feel like myself.