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Women’s business fashion ideas

When talking about business fashion, everything depends on the sphere you’re working in. Your outfit should fit into the culture of the company you’re working for.

  • Focus on your best features (eyes, hair, hands, etc.) We all have areas of our bodies that we don’t like and areas that we like. It is a common thing for everyone. So, focus on your best features. Feel comfortable in your own skin. You should feel good even in those business outfits that are not typical for you.
  • A little black dress. We used to the fact that black dresses are for the evenings only. But the truth is the opposite. If the dress looks smart enough and long enough to wear it to the office, do it. You can wear it with a blazer or with a cardigan.

  • A suit is one of the best ways to present a professional image. There are hundreds of suit variations on the market – different colors, styles, patterns, etc. Remember, the fit and the cut are the most important things in every suit. It has to fit around the shoulders and the seat.
  • Color and creative details. Office style doesn’t mean black and grey colors only. Incorporate light blue, white, yellow, beige, coral, and salmon shades into your outfits.
  • This is one of the favorite trends right now. Layering in business style looks great as never before. Combine a shirt, a vest, and a blazer or a shirt, a sweater, and a blazer. This will pull your entire look together.


Have a nice working day!


Source: thebusinesswomenmedia.com