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What about green?

Here’s the thing, ladies. This spring/summer, unexpectedly came to the runway so called fresh green color or “Greenery” and fashion experts stunned by its pigmentation. It contains green and a touch of yellow. It’s true that the color green represents nature and symbolizes peace, freshness, growth and awakening, and the yellow color is a symbol of eternity. And, acording to Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report, speaks to our need that we should explore, experiment and reinvent these color. But, should we agree with experts opinions? Should we agree with it? Will the fashion industry decide to put Greenery to all fashion stores? And if it’s so, how the hell we will put Greenery to our business outfit? What should be business make-up look like?
Me as fashion designer in Tiesy also follow fashion trends of colors. So I created a beautiful business and casual accessories named Milano Rainbow and Milano Oxford. Your business or casual outfit will change immediately in to fashion sensation. Tiesy Milano Rainbow in green and Milano Oxford in apple green, can be combined with shirts, turtleneck and dresses, which you can mix and match with several colors. Exsample: black, grey, white, brown, blue, orange, read… And many patterns.
The fact is that high fashion, commercial and street fashion changes every season and so does make-up. Differency between fashion and business make-up is, that business makeup should be more simple and less intensive. With proper make up, you will represent yourself, company and your status. Use right cosmetic and Tiesy, and you’ll create a wonderful look.
P.s.: A hint for next blog – Something mine. Stay tuned!