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From business to fashion make up

»For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.«
- Audrey Hepburn -
She was absolutely right. Our look is so much more than choosing an outfit, it’s also about inner beauty.
But when it comes to your outer beauty, especially in a business world, you have to take care more: hair, manicure, body and makeup. Statistics says that in a business world, a woman who wears makeup at work are more likely to get promoted. Hmmm, that’s logic! Confident women wear makeup and confident women deserve a promotion, right?
Business makeup must be natural and simple. To create that kind of look, use quality makeup products, prepare your skin, groom your eyebrows and select colors that compliment your features.


Before you put any makeup on your face, first take care of your skin. If you would like to have clean, refreshing and deeply smooth complexion you have to use a cleaner, I recommend you also peeling twice a week, a toner and a good moisturizer.
Then, make sure you apply face primer before foundation, to make makeup last longer. I’m using Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer. It’s pretty expensive but it’s worth every cent. With a good concealer, you’ll get rid of the dark circle under your eyes and any skin blemishes. I have several blemishes on my face since my second pregnancy. Pretty deep scars and pigmentation. I’ve tried many concealers but the most effective is Pur Disappearing Act. Then apply a liquid or other foundation to set makeup and touch of blush to create a perfect canvas. I just love liquid foundation EX1. I have F100 shade and it’s really great. Beauty blogger Lana Spital. Follow Lana, she has very nice and useful blog 🙂 Don’t forget to use proper brush fro applying foundation. I have really nice brush from Real Techniques.


To create a perfect long lasting makeup on eyes uses an eye primer. For eyebrows, use a clear brow gel to keep your eyebrows on set. Maybe something like is Pixi Brow Tamer. I’m not using it every day but just in case of bad brow day 😉 For working day look use matte eyeshadows in neutral shades. For everyday I use The Balm Nude Tude eyeshadow palette. It’s perfect! It has very nice and soft shades, and also two darker shades to apply just in the lashes line. I suggest applying a bright neutral color on the entire lid to make your eyes wide awake. By adding a touch of darker shade close to the lashes line and good mascara, you’ll make your eyes more visible. Add a bronzer or contour blush to finish your makeup. I use two different contour palette. One is Nars Contour Blush (Olympia) and the second is Makeup Revolution (Golden Sugar 2). Can’t decide which one is my favorite… Depends on my mood in the morning 😉


On an ordinary working day, I use only tinted lip balm like Catrice Tinted Lip Glow or Labello. But somedays I feel to add some color on my lips. I just love I heart Lip Lava. It’s very gentle shade of natural color of lips. Love it! 🙂 So, If you add some nude or soft color on your lips, you’re totally ready to conquer the world! 😀

Fashion makeup tip

If you are going from work to party, you only have to make your office makeup more intense. Neutral colors replace with shimmer, glitter, black and other shiny colors you like. Try it with really great Makeup Revolution palette (Fortune Favours the Brave). It has 30 eyeshadows ready to make yourself a real diva. Don’t forget a red lipstick 😉 You can add a different kind of red color on your lips to become more confidence. Which one? Well, I have it way too much to tell you which is my best :p I think you should click around www.licila.si and find the best color and tone for yourself.
“Keep your outer beauty simple and make the inner beauty extraordinary.”