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Clothing has no gender

As a fashion designer and entrepreneur, I read a lot about new trends, what is happening around the wolrd in fashion industry. And a month ago I got the Elle magazin (UK edition) and I was shocked for the first time. Like I didn’t know what is going on, but probably I finally realized where the trends are going… I made a little research how to make that “tomboy impact” more feminine.
Keep it mannish, business-appropriate and tailored. The masculine fashion for women is full of amazing ideas what will make you look fabulous. The paradox of mannish clothing is the fact it looks more feminine and appealing on ladies. In today's article we are going to see amazing combinations how you can look ladylike wearing boyfriends jeans or tailored suit. The menswear borrowed garments are ideal for creating an original look.
There are so many fabulous examples how ladies updated their styles by incorporating menswear essentials into their wardrobes. The working atmosphere is an ideal place where you can rock mannish clothes. You have to just choose the favorite pantsuit what will define your beautiful silhouette, so you don't look baggy. Anyway, I am happy to share with you some of the best outfits what you can adopt in your wardrobe.
A retro inspired look is a perfect way how to incorporate menswear with vintage-looking style.
Light grey pinstripe three-piece suit is a perfect choice for making a real statement during working hours.
You can try on a loose-fit shirt and tuck it inside your tailored pants, so it looks loose, but with a defined waist. The boxy jacket is another great thing what will surely add masculine charm. If you are afraid of looking too much mannish, then I recommend to wear a boxy jacket with a feminine floral shirt or a blouse and add a feminine women’s tie Tiesy on.
The laced boots and flat shoes are great for finishing touch. It's a practical accessory what is a great choice for teaming with your favorite trousers. Speaking of pants, then the best choice so far is the tailored and pleated style. Keep attention to the fit, otherwise they can make you look bulky. If everything is perfectly combined and done right, then nothing can make you look weird.
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