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5 things I do before 8 a.m.

Honestly, for most of us, the mornings are chaotic. Even if you have to kids get ready for kindergarten and school, all family members to feed or just yourself to put together. Sleeping late, too many snoozing… But we are smart women so we can figure out how to make our mornings more peaceful. Here are my 5 things I do before 8 a.m. All five are very important to me and take no time at all! 

*quick hint before we start: Set your alarm 30’ earlier. By adding an extra 30’ to your morning can change the tone from chaos to calm. Going to sleep sooner may take more getting used to 😉

1 No snoozing!

Skip snoozing and get up as soon as the alarm clock rings. Easy to say, hard to do? Let me explain! 🙂 When you let yourself go back to sleep, your body thinks, “False alarm! I guess I didn’t need to do anything because we’re not getting up after all,” and settles in. The more you snooze, the more confused your body and brain get, so you’ll probably feel more out of it even though you actually spent extra time in bed. There’s a Master of sleeping routine Pelayo. He recommends setting your alarm for the time you have to get up and then actually get up when it goes off, every day at the same time. Eventually, this consistency may help you feel naturally sleepy at the end of your day, so you’ll feel compelled to go to bed when your body needs to, and then wake up without the need for an alarm. True story! I’m a proof 😉


2 Water + lemon juice = morning boost

After a long night’s sleep, your body needs to rehydrate. Energize your cells with a quick practice of drinking warm water and a spit of lemon juice.

3 Pay gratitude

Give thanks to 5 things in your life you feel blessed by, reread your list and at the end of the each blessing say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ and feel as grateful for that blessing as you can. You can write out your list by hand, type it on a computer or use a special book or journal and keep all your gratitude in one place.

*extra hint: you can be grateful for your home, your family, friends, work, pets, for the sun, the water that you drink, or the air that you breathe. Nothing in this world is granted 😉 

4 Nourish yourself

Get in the bathroom and take a few minutes just for yourself. Turn on your favorite music and nourish yourself with your morning routine. Then eat something nutritious for breakfast and nurture your body. I plan ahead for a healthy choice that is easy to grab and go; smoothie, oats and kefir, etc.


  5 To do list

Glance at your calendar and make a to-do list to get a sense of what your day looks like. Write down anything you think needs to get done and time it needs to be done by. And the day will be sooooo much easier! 🙂

 Well, this is my routine. What is yours? How do you start your day? Write a comment below 🙂 Let’s talk about it!


Yours truly,