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10 must haves for your business outfit

I’m a woman and entrepreneur that really wants to look professional but also chic and modern. We all need a power dressing and it literally means that we draw a power from the way we are dressed. Here is some tips what every business woman should have in her closet to draw that power and be successful.

Pencil skirt

One of the best style of skirts you can wear is prim and proper pencil skirt. Find a pencil skirt that flatters your legs best. It fits almost every body shape and goes along with a blazer to make it look official. For formal occasions wear a simple pencil skirt that cover your knees or it’s only a few centimeters above. On less formal occasions such like business parties or casual meetings with your clients or partners, you can choose different patterns, colors, flowers or even unusual materials (leather or lace). There is just one thing you have to pay attention – tightness. Pencil skirt shouldn’t be too narrow.

Single sole pumps

A single sole heels are back and they are more sexier and wearable then ever. A single sole shoe is comfy, chic and you can wear it on every occasion. Choose a pair of black or nude for formal occasions and a pair of your favorite color for casual Friday.

A structure tote

What is a structure tote bag? It’s a leather (or fake leather) bag that sits by itself and it’s big enough for all stuff that woman needs during the day. I can say it’s an essential fashion piece. Featuring a detachable over the shoulder strap finishes every business outfit you choose to wear.

A simple cotton down shirt

It’s never too many simple cotton button down shirts. Especially with a little details, like edging inside sleeves or golden buttons. Pair it with pencil skirt, midi flounce skirt or black cropped tuxedo trousers. Perfect!

Ankle length slacks

Ankle length slacks fits on most body shapes, it’s super versatile and wearable on every formal or informal occasion. Want to look different and be noticed? Choose a shiny shantung fabric. Fabulous!


As a part of two-piece suit or just in case of cold. I absolutely love blazers with special details like flounces, pattern edging or asymmetrical collar. Black or blue, even flowers or stripes – combine as you love.

A day-to-night dress

Justine Carreon said: “You’ll never forgive yourself for missing happy hour because you rushed home after work to change, so find a dress that can easily transition from the office to your favorite bar.« And she is right!

A casual Friday jeans

Be careful – the indigo blue reads as professional and won’t look out of place in a business meeting. Choose plain and dark denim, without print and ripped details.

A pair of flats

Wearing a high heels calls for pain sometimes. There is why every woman needs a pair of super comfortable pair of flats. I like ballerina flats! Ballerina shoe is really comfortable, looks nice and cute, you can choose real flat or with a low heel.

A Tiesy

Businessmen wear a suit and a necktie. They look professional and handsome. What do you wear around your neck when you have a shirt on? Necklace or scarf, probably. Well that is totally past! I created a brand new trend that will run women business world. I called it Tiesy. It’s a combination between necktie and a bow tie but without complicated tying. Just wrap it around your neck and button it. There is many different models, patterns and colors you can choose for yourself. Yes, it’s like a women tie but it’s soo much more! Buy one for yourself. And don’t forget your best friend. And your mother! 🙂